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The beginnings of the S.W. James story can be traced all the way back to school days. Started by two former classmates Jamie and Warren, we’re a family-run business that’s passionate about making British Chesterfields. At S.W. James, we are proud to still be creating handmade, British furniture in the manner they were made traditionally.

Each S.W. James Chesterfield is handmade using the finest materials and traditional techniques that are sadly dying out; in fact, our small team is made up of four bench staff, whose average age is 67. Our stunning, one-off pieces take weeks to create, and the end result is a true masterpiece that we’ve put our heart and soul into – that’s where ‘Sofas with Soul’ comes from.

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No two items of S.W. James furniture will ever be the same – with each one boasting its very own character and quirks, making it uniquely yours. Every piece we make is exclusive to S.W. James, and handmade just for you. Each piece is a one-off commission; no S.W. James is ever the same.

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