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Welcome to S.W. James

When you see your S.W. James for the first time, the emotion it will provoke in that cherished moment will stay with you forever.

From the glorious aroma the luxurious Italian leather exudes, to the exquisite design that has been personally handcrafted just for you – your senses will be immediately stimulated. There is nothing quite like owning your own S.W. James.

Unlike any other piece of furniture an S.W. James has a personality of its own. A character born out of the painstaking individual handcraftsmanship that goes into creating every S.W. James.

As we like to say, “There are Chesterfields, and then there are S.W. James Chesterfields”. Owning an S.W. James is your opportunity to own something timeless.

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“SWJames are a company that are hard to find today in the UK, their chesterfield sofas are a thing of beauty, the quality of their craftsmanship, the leather, the overall appearance of the sofa and the comfort is absolutely outstanding”

5 Star Customer Review from Trustpilot

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