Introducing the S.W. James velvet range

We're thrilled to introduce our brand new velvet range.

Now, you can purchase the complete S.W. James collection in quality, British-made velvet.

As always, each of our velvets has been hand-selected by our expert team - only the best velvet can wrap the unique S.W. James collection of Chesterfields and sofas.

Be the first to own an S.W. James in our beautiful 100% cotton, soft, luxurious velvet.

If you'd like to learn more contact Warren on or call him on 0161 359 5462. He’ll be happy to chat over any questions you may have. 

You can now get hold of our flagship and comfiest Chesterfield - Huxley in a range of beautiful, soft velvets. Also, Monty and Birdie. Well, any of the products in our range. Just let us know what you would like. 

Why 100% cotton? 

Throughout the furniture industry, you’ll find velvets made from a range of synthetic materials — such as rayon or polyester. The problem with this type of velvet is that it tends to have a much shorter lifespan, and is more likely to appear worn over time. As you know, here at S.W. James, we work with only the best.

In keeping with our quality promise, we‘ve hand-selected the finest velvets from leading British suppliers. All of the velvets in our collection are 100% pure cotton — giving them a luxurious quality and a more lustrous pile.

Pricing our new velvet range

To reflect this quality and ensure consistency throughout our range, each Chesterfield and sofa in our velvet collection will be priced the same as those in our vintage leather leather range. For instance, a two-seater Monty in our new velvet range would be £1995.00. 

Our new velvet range will come in striking Reds, Greens, Honeys and Greys.

We will be adding the new range to our product pages really soon, so you can buy directly through the website. Until then, if you would like to learn more or be the first to own an S.W. James in beautiful British made velvet - contact Warren on or call him on 0161 359 5462. He’ll be happy to help you. You can also request free velvet swatches, so you can feel the quality for yourself.

We also have just had three brand new velvet models delivered to our shop (Monty, Huxley and Birdie) so you can come and see them for yourself if you like. You can learn more about our shop by clicking here.  

Why not watch a quick video to see how we hand make all our Chesterfields. Every S.W. James is hand made in England. 

We’re proud to be British sofa makers, and most of our suppliers are located within a 20 mile radius of our factory. Our production team has been crafting Chesterfields for generations – using the most traditional methods to ensure each one of our designs stands the test of time.