A true softie, Huxley is among the most sizeable Chesterfields out there. A little on the paunchy side, he’s no stranger to a pint of barley pop & is always ready to shrug off the day’s stresses & relax – and his bountiful proportions as a corner sofa invite you to do the same. His heavyset stature is stuffed with sumptuously soft, squidgy foam – as well as plenty of state-of-the-art, no-sag springs that promise premium comfort.

Huxley as a corner sofa has been designed for out and out lounging. youre going to love him.

The most comfortable Chesterfield you will find - Huxley is bolstered with our exclusive super sprung base. Working together with the frame, the sprung base provides supreme comfort as well as support.

We have taken all the ingrediants that have made our flagship Chesterfield so popular and injected them all into our brand new Huxley corner Chesterfield range.

Overall Dimensions:

Left side: 90cm wide x 105cm deep x 80cm high
Right side: 140cm wide x 105cm deep x 80cm high

Seat Dimensions:

Left side: 80cm wide x 65cm deep
Right side: 80cm wide x 65cm deep

*This is a right hand facing model. Altertivley we flip the layout to make it a left hand facing, so the longer side is on the left

Prices starting from Only £2,195.00. Was £2,395.00 SAVE: £200 In Our Sale

We offer a variety of ways to purchase an S.W. James. Our Deposit Plan is very popular - Learn more

alll tge spec on the mediaum size sofa

Creating Your Perfect Huxley Corner Chesterfield Sofa

As every S.W. James is made by hand we can make your perfect corner sofa in all sizes & all leathers and fabrics. As corner sofas are unique and customisable, we suggest you talk with Warren and we can create your perfect design. Just give Warren a call or email and we can talk over your ideas together. All our corner sofas are hand made just for you.
Available in 4 sizes as standard, but we can customise him to bespoke sizes.  
If you choose a new corner Huxley, Warren can arrange payment over the phone or via a payment link. To keep things simple, we only take a 50% deposit at the start of your order to get going. Your new handmade corner sofa will then be made in around 6-8 weeks (sometimes a little quicker).
If you want to learn a little more just call Warren on 0161 359 5462, he will be able to help, or email him by clicking here. To get a true feel for the colour please order some free swatches, you can do that from this page - click here.
Why not book a tailored shop appointment to come and experience our corner sofas for yourself. We’d love to welcome you to our shop. To learn more click here.
Common Corner Sofa Questions

Can i have a custom size corner sofa?

Yes, that is no problem at all. We know each room is unique to we can tailor a corner Huxley to pretty much any size you need. Be it a U shape (even on each side) or you need one side a little longer, dont hesitate to contact Warren and we can work out your perfect corner sofa together.

Can I have my corner sofa in any colour, leather or fabric?

100%. The picttures shown on this page are in our Vintage Hoeny leather range. This colour is compelrtly Excliusvice to S.W. James. you wont find it anyhwere else. We can make your new corner sofa in any coloir, leather or fabric you like. you can request a collection of free swatch samples on our swatch page. To see the swatch page, just click here.  

Can i sit in a corner sofa before i buy?

Text Yes, we have both a corner Huxley and corner atticus in our showroom. we'd love to weolceom you to visit. We’re located in Bollington – a delightful village nestled in stunning Cheshire countryside. Book an appointment to come and experience how comfortable our corner Chesterfields and sofas really are.

How much do they cost?

As a price guide, you can see our Small, medium, Large and XL sizes and prices in the table above. If you want to create a bespoke size, use the prices above as a guide and jsut call or email Warren with your sizes and he can confrim a final price for your new S.W. James corner sofa with you.  

Is my new Huxley going to be comfortable?

Oh yes. Here at S.W. James, infusing luxurious comfort into our Chesterfields and sofas has always been our most important goal. You’ll be pleased to know we’ve succeeded in creating the most comfortable and sumptuous Chesterfields you will find. ...In fact, we’re proud to say we are The Home of the Comfortable Chesterfield.

Our journey to supreme comfort:

The journey hasn’t been easy, but the end result is something truly special – you’d be surprised just how far a dream, dedication, and a whole lot of foam and springs can take you! Now, our team takes pride in infusing our unique, special blend of comfort into each and every S.W. James Chesterfield and sofa that leaves our workshop.

All of our S.W. James products are made perfect with our signature blend of soft, squidgy foam cushioning as standard. Over the years, we’ve taken the time to perfect our exclusive filling to create a plush, ample seat – carefully blended to last a lifetime.

So, How Do We Infuse The Comfort?

1 - Comfort to the core
It’s no secret that strength and great character call for strong foundations, and it’s the same for Chesterfield sofas. For a first-rate piece of furniture that will seat your family through generations, it’s important to know that your Chesterfield is quality to the core.

In addition to a solid oak, kiln-dried frame that’s been dowelled and stapled for maximum strength, each one of our Chesterfields is bolstered with a sprung base. Working together with the frame, the sprung base provides supreme comfort as well as support. Elsewhere in the industry, these are often charged as an optional extra, but the S.W. James team doesn’t believe in doing things by halves, so you can trust all our sofas boast a customary sprung base.

2 - Plush, padded cushions
As we mentioned above, we’ve worked alongside our expert design team to create a unique comfort cushion blend that’s exclusive to S.W. James. Throughout our process of creating the perfect cushioning, we chose to emphasise two factors – comfort and durability.

The result? Our signature S.W. James comfort blend cushions have three separate layers of comfort. While this careful balance of firmness and flexibility is a closely guarded company secret, we promise our unique combination of springs and multilevel cushioning work together to provide supreme relaxation.

3 - Packing a punch
Sometimes more truly is well… more. At S.W. James, we add a little extra to all of our sofas for maximum quality. From each individual arm, right across the length of the back, each handmade S.W. James Chesterfield and sofa has been imbued with generous amounts of foam for premium comfort and increased support. The finished product isn’t just lovely and comfortable to relax on – it’s also a much more grand addition to your interiors, with a solid, regal stature.

Need to feel it to believe it? Come and take a seat to experience how comfortable our Chesterfields and sofas really are
We appreciate comfort can subjective, and everyone’s take on it is different. That’s why we’re always happy to invite you to come and try out our handmade Chesterfields and sofas before you buy. Please contact Warren on 0161 359 5462 to arrange your appointment, and be sure to ask after Huxley – our most sizable, sumptuous Chesterfield.

Available In Our Full Range of Leathers and Fabrics

Selecting the perfect leather and fabric ranges to represent S.W. James has been a true labour of love. We can make your new corner sofa in any finish you like.

(The pictures shown on this page are in our Exclusive S.W. James Vintage Honey Leather)

Handmade For You In Any Size - Ready For Lounging

Huxley is available in a ‘Small', ‘Medium', ‘Large' and ‘XL’ size as standard. We know each room in your home is unique so we can also tailor your perfect corner Huxley in bespoke sizes, should you need something a little different. Just contact us and we will be happy to help and talk over your ideas.

No matter the size, we can assure you Huxley is packed with comfort. He is our flagship model and why we have become known to make - The Worlds Most Comfortable Handmade Chesterfield Sofas.

Lots of Happy Customers!

Don't Just Take Our Word For It...

We are incredibly proud to share the news we are one of the very few furniture manufacturers to have achieved a true and full 5.0 star rating on Trustpilot. Its lovely to see old fashioned values do work.
We wanted to say thank you to all our wonderful customers who have helped us achieve this special accolade.

Touch, feel, sit - Come & Experience

Visit Our Showroom

We have both a corner Huxley and Atticus at our new shop. We could wax lyrical about the timeless beauty and supreme comfort of each, but we appreciate seeing is believing – that’s why we welcome you to come and visit the S.W. James shop.

We’re located in Bollington – a delightful village nestled in stunning Cheshire countryside. Book an appointment to come and experience how comfortable our Chesterfields really are.

To book your personal tailored appointment, please contact Warren on
0161 359 5462 or send him an email.

Welcome to S.W. James

About Us

Luxury Handmade British Sofas.
True Old Fashioned Customer Service.
Home Of The Most Comfortable Chesterfields.

The beginnings of the S.W. James story can be traced all the way back to school days. Started by two former classmates Jamie and Warren, we’re a family-run business that’s passionate about making British Chesterfields and sofas. At S.W. James, we are proud to still be creating handmade, British furniture in the manner they were made traditionally.

Each S.W. James Chesterfield is handmade using the finest materials and traditional techniques that are sadly dying out; in fact, our small team is made up of four bench staff, whose average age is 67. Our stunning, one-off pieces take weeks to create, and the end result is a true masterpiece that we’ve put our heart and soul into – that’s where ‘Sofas with Soul’ comes from.

No two items of S.W. James furniture will ever be the same – with each one boasting its very own character and quirks, making it uniquely yours. Every piece we make is exclusive to S.W. James, and handmade just for you. Each piece is a one-off commission; no S.W. James is ever the same.




Looking for Somthing else?

...There Is Also Atticus

If you love the idea of a corner sofa, but don't think Huxley is quite right for your home, we also make Atticus as a stunning new corner leather sofas.

Atticus has a solid, stocky shape with square arms and is our S.W. James figurehead. In Atticus, the S.W. James design team has taken the time to create a corner sofa that’ll look effortlessly cool in any room, and that’s exactly how Atticus is known among his friends.