Introducing our

Vintage Velvets

A range of soft vintage velvets to add a whole new level of opulence to your S.W. James sofa or chesterfield. British sourced, our vintage velvets offer a striking alternative to our leathers and wools.

Colour Range

The vintage velvet colour range

All our vintage velvets come in hand selected colour palettes curated by the S.W. James team. Each colour has been deliberately selected to provide shades and blends that look different on every Chesterfield sofa or armchair we produce.

To truly understand why our S.W. James vintage velvets are so beautiful you need to experience them. You need to touch them, feel the texture and see how the fibres interact with the light.

Vintage Velvets

S.W. James Black

A deep black shade offers a vintage style to any S.W. James is covers.


S.W. James Ruby Red

A deep moody red wine tone

Vintage Velvet

S.W. James Honey

Striking and vibrant, our honey velvet contains a dizzying array of orange, yellow and brown notes.

Vintage Velvets

S.W. James Racing Green

Our dark, rich, British racing green offers a lovely mix of shades as the light bounces off its vintage surface.

Vintage Velvets

S.W. James Grey

The S.W. James grey has a lovely charcoal shade.


S.W. James Purple

Dark and rich, our deep Purple provides a striking contemporary look

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To get an accurate sense of our colour range, you need to experience them first hand. (We have been as precise as we can to represent accurate colour on our website, but it's always best to see colours for yourself.)

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