S.W. James Exclusive Leather

the most beautiful leathers

Handpicked by the team, all our specially developed leathers are finished by hand. Each and every hide is totally unique and individual, the shades and tones vary from one piece to another, the colours vary every time they are produced and no two are ever quite the same, creating truly unique and individual leather sofas. Full of character the quality shines through, with gorgeous rich tones and patinas coming from the 100% natural leathers we use.


Our Vintage Leathers

When tightly pulled over the contours of the Chesterfield natural shades and highlights are created in the leathers surface, creating a warm, ‘lived-in’, vintage Chesterfield look. With its subtly distressed surface and soft waxy feel, the vintage leather achieves additional character over time, allowing the natural beauty of the hides to mature with age.

Irresistibly Soft

Our Heritage Leathers

Our Heritage range represents the softest and most luxurious leather we can offer.

This waxed and polished finish brings out an elegant and refined touch to any chesterfield, sofa or chair it covers, bringing out the natural beauty of the thoughtfully selected hides.

Hand Rubbed

Our Antique Leathers

After the Chesterfield has been upholstered by the team, a top coat of darker colour can be carefully polished in selected areas to expose the lighter colour beneath. This subtle contrast in colouring, where normal wear and tear would appear, achieves a beautifully aged, antique quality

Buffed by hand

Our Rustic Leathers

Warm, earthy and unquestionably stylish, our rustic leather is super soft and full of character. Using hand selected hides with lots of character, it’s dyed through to develop a deep, rich colour base that is then finished with a light wax and buffed by hand to enhance the patina and depth of colour. The hand buffing emphasise the natural texture and character of the leather to produce a surface that’s super-soft to the touch and extremely durable.

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Wear, Tear & Characteristics

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