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The beginnings of the S.W. James story can be traced all the way back to school days. Started by two former classmates Jamie and Warren, we’re a family-run business that’s passionate about making British Chesterfields and sofas. At S.W. James, we are proud to still be creating handmade, British furniture in the manner they were made traditionally.

Each S.W. James Chesterfield is handmade using the finest materials and traditional techniques that are sadly dying out; in fact, our small team is made up of four bench staff, whose average age is 67. Our stunning, one-off pieces take weeks to create, and the end result is a true masterpiece that we’ve put our heart and soul into – that’s where ‘Sofas with Soul’ comes from.

No two items of S.W. James furniture will ever be the same – with each one boasting its very own character and quirks, making it uniquely yours. Every piece we make is exclusive to S.W. James, and handmade just for you. Each piece is a one-off commission; no S.W. James is ever the same.




Lots of Happy Customers!

Don't Just Take Our Word For It...

We are incredibly proud to share the news we are one of the very few furniture manufacturers to have achieved a true and full 5.0 star rating on Trustpilot. Its lovely to see old fashioned values do work.
We wanted to say thank you to all our wonderful customers who have helped us achieve this special accolade.

More Happy Customers!

Customer Photo Gallery

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We are very lucky to have the most lovely customers at S.W. James and they like to share pictures of their new Chesterfields & sofas when they arrive in their homes. We are proud to share a few of these pictures with you.

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Handmade British Furniture, made just for you

Why Choose S.W. James

If you would like to learn a little more, please watch our showreel video below and we'll show you how our Chesterfields are hand made and share a little more about S.W. James.

The S.W. James Collection

Meet The Family

Meet Huxley

Our Flagship model & customer favorite - A true softie, Huxley is the most comfortable Chesterfield out there. A little on the paunchy side, he’s no stranger to a pint of barley pop & is always ready to shrug off the day’s stresses & relax – his bountiful proportions invite you to do the same. His heavyset stature is stuffed with sumptuously soft, squidgy foam and springs

Meet Monty

Built like a baby-grand & wrapped in weathered, beaten leather that gives him an ageless vintage patina, Monty injects splendour in to any home. Proudly attired in exclusive vintage leather, with a rich texture that exudes charisma, this leather is not just any old leather – it’s exclusive to S.W. James; put simply, you won’t find such distinctive quality anywhere else.

Meet Oakley

The oversized and opulent brother of our beloved Huxley Chesterfield — and by far our biggest Chesterfield yet. With a seat that's 20% deeper than Huxley, Oakley is designed to give you more space to stretch out and unwind. But don't let his imposing size fool you — Oakley is every bit as inviting and welcoming as his famous sibling.

Meet Lennox

Another close relative of our beloved and most popular Chesterfield - Huxley. Don’t let his name fool you, much like his brother, Lennox is another true softie at heart - made with exactly the same super sprung seat base at his heart. Designed with a more contemporary feel, Lennox is simply piped and has no deep buttoned detail or studs.

Meet Birdie

100% made in England but with classical French qualities, Birdie has spent many a summer in Paris with Polly – a fellow S.W. James dame. Her low-slung, gracefully rolled arms – complete with stud detailing and leather piping – are evocative of shoulders supporting weighty shopping bags, the result of hours spent traipsing the Champs - Élysées.

Meet Archie

Slightly smaller but just as stocky, much like his older brother, Monty. Archie's solid, sturdy frame gives him an air of quiet self-assurance. His compact scale makes him the perfect Chesterfield where space is at a premium, he will fit into any modern apartment, charming cottage or even summer house, he’s certainly a little charmer.

Meet Kempster

Introducing Kempster in all her super comfortable splendour. With our exclusive mattress like sprung seat base and S.W. James 3 layer comfort cushions she’s incredibly comfy and perfect for those lazy days, when you just want to lounge. 'Kempster' is the first S.W. James to be named after one of our customers.

Meet Atticus

Atticus has a solid, stocky shape with square arms, albeit in a much slimmer style. Though he’s taken style tips from Dudley, our S.W. James figurehead. In Atticus, the S.W. James design team has taken the time to create a sofa that’ll look effortlessly cool in any room, and that’s exactly how Atticus is known among his friends.

Meet Randle

Randle has drawn on cool Danish design to create his unique look. A contemporary, slimline sofa that’ll squeeze into those hard-to-fill spots at home. He stands high on tall legs, with a solid, heavy frame that’ll stand the test of time. If you’re looking to transform a tired corner of your home into an effortlessly cool lounging space, Randle’s got it covered.

Meet Tillie

Tillie’s large, handmade frame is exceptionally strong, with a super-sprung seat base – built to survive decades of lazing, lolling, & luxuriating. Her ample, plush cushions overflow into her low, pleated arms – which have been completed with hand-studding on the sides to create an authentic classic English sofa.

Meet Bertie

A beefy big six with a solid, hardwood frame designed to last a lifetime, S.W. James’ bruiser, Bertie, is the Marlon Brando of our collection. Bertie’s certainly no high hat. Moving away from the traditional Chesterfield adornment of studs, the S.W. James design team opted to uphold Bertie’s rough-and-ready approach to life with modest piping detail – successfully bridging the gap between classic and contemporary.

Meet Florance

Never one to shy away from making an entrance, Florence’s gently curved arms & sloping back create the perfect form for a feather boa to sit atop her shapely shoulders. If there’s anything this broad can’t stand, it’s blending in – & she’s certainly no cancelled stamp. Her quirky, modern silhouette offers a fresh take on the Chesterfield design – diverging from the days of old with a truly eye-catching change in style.

Meet Sylivia

In the heart of Paris, amidst the cobblestone alleys of Montmartre, lives Sylvia. With a lifetime of adventures etched upon her weathered vintage leather face, she has traversed the globe, but her robust, kiln dried, hardwood heart belongs to the quaint bars of Paris - a true S.W. James character.

Meet Flossie

Flossie, a quietly confident, full-figured broad, with curvaceous, wide-scroll arms. Never one for frills or fuss, this natural beauty needs no curling iron to prettify herself. Lovingly handmade, her intricate hand stitching is delicately married with simple piped detailing, giving her simple silhouette that all-important timeless, elegant quality.

Meet Dudley

Here we have Dudley, the very first leather sofa we introduced into the S.W. James range – and doesn’t he just know it. Solid and stocky – with strong, square arms that offer ample room for nestling down into – Dudley promises to bring a bold touch to even the smallest of rooms.

Touch, feel, sit - Come & Experience

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We could wax lyrical about the timeless beauty and supreme comfort of our products all day, but we appreciate seeing is believing – that’s why we welcome you to come and visit the S.W. James shop.

We’re located in Bollington – a delightful village nestled in stunning Cheshire countryside. Book an appointment to come and experience how comfortable our Chesterfields really are.

To book your personal tailored appointment, please contact Warren on
0161 359 5462 or send him an email.

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