Introducing our

antique leather range

Our antique leather range is polished in selected areas to expose the lighter colour beneath. This subtle contrast in colouring, where normal wear and tear would appear, achieves a beautifully aged, antique quality.

Colour Range

the s.w. james vintage leather colour range

All our leathers come in hand selected colour palettes curated by the S.W. James team. Each colour has been deliberately selected to provide shades and blends that look different on every Chesterfield sofa or armchair we create.

To truly understand why our S.W. James leathers are so beautiful you need to experience them. You need to touch them, smell the rich fragrance of the Italian leather, see the intense colour.

Antique Leather


Oxblood red is our most popular antique leather colour in the range. The rich, dark colour looks beautiful on any of our Chesterfield sofas or armchairs.

Antique Leather


A rich bold racing green provides a truly British finish

Antique Leather


A striking mix of deep blue tones from the deep provide a focal point to remember.

Antique Leather


Our 2nd most popular antique shade - Tan provides a mixture of rich brown and golden shades.


the traditional chesterfield look

At S.W. James, we offer a selection of beautiful vintage and heritage leathers. However, a chesterfield is at its most recognisable and in its most traditional ‘outfit’ when covered by antique leather. This tonal and textured leather gives any Chesterfield it covers an aged look. The leather is also remarkably resilient.

Subtle Shades

Achieving The Antique Look

Antique leather has been inspired by the worn finish of leather chairs that have aged over generations. The leather is steadily rubbed by hand, over and over again, to create the most authentic antique look. Subtle shades of lighter colour are picked out to embellish areas of the Chesterfield where wear would naturally appear over time.

A waxy finish

Beautiful, Yet Robust

Antique leather is the only non-fully aniline leather we run. This allows us to run a leather range that is incredibly strong and robust. If removed promptly, liquid spills will not stain this leather, and it is waxy finish is resilient to scratches.


The Antique Range

Our Antique leather is currently only displayed on our No.1 range. Our most traditional Chesterfield sofa. Should you prefer, we can cover any sofa or chair in our full range in antique leather. Feel free to contact Warren to discuss on 0161 359 5462

The S.W. James Team

We're here to help

We know ordering your own handmade Chesterfield or vintage sofa is a very personal decision and we know you will have questions before you decide to choose an S.W. James of your own. We are here to help, and we work closely with you throughout every step of the production process to ensure you are 100% happy with your new S.W. James when it arrives in your home.

We’re a passionate team and we love to talk about our Chesterfields and vintage sofas. As a result, if you have questions before you order, or at any point during production, just ask. You will always talk directly with Warren and the other business founders.

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