Tips for picking the perfect Chesterfield sofa

Tips for picking the perfect Chesterfield sofa

With an iconic design that's instantly recognisable, it's no surprise that Chesterfield sofa continues to be a striking addition to living spaces across the country. Equally suitable for a study, library, conservatory, living room, parlour or den, contemporary Chesterfields are available in all styles, sizes and shapes.

Whether you want a piece of furniture to match a contemporary decor or prefer something more traditional, a Chesterfield could be the perfect solution. Read on to discover our top tips to help you pick the perfect sofa for you.

Consider room size and shape

Chesterfields are substantial pieces which can take up a considerable amount of a room. At S.W. James we pride ourselves in handmaking some of the most beautiful, oversized Chesterfields available. The sofas padded arms and back add to the dimensions considerably. This means you end up with a stunning feature piece which provides a charming accent to your interior space. Modern style Chesterfields can be created at S.W. James in any size you like, as a corner sofa, or as a smaller 'apartment' sized sofa, that uses less of a footprint in a room. If in doubt, our team is on hand to provide suitable recommendations and chat over any ideas you might have.

Chesterfields now come in modern style fabric sofa options

The traditional Chesterfield was upholstered in leather. Although this choice has enduring visual appeal, it's not for everyone these days. Many people prefer a contemporary sofa that's more resilient, which is why our Chesterfields are now available with beutiful fabric upholstery options and seat cushions. Opting for fabric upholstery makes cleaning much easier, while washable fabric cushions ensure your Chesterfield keeps looking good. Particularly if your household includes children or pets, fabric could be a lower maintenance choice.

Think about positioning

Because a Chesterfield is a piece of furniture which dominates a setting, it's important to make sure it's positioned correctly. Often used as a focal point, a Chesterfield can look amazing in the middle of a larger space, as well as up against a wall or in a corner. You may also want your seating space to face a particular direction, so bear this in mind when making your final choice on sofa styles.

Chose a sofa that's comfortable

The best looking Chesterfield in the world isn't right for you if it's not comfortable to sit on. Chesterfields come in a range of sizes, so if you want a higher seat, a deeper back or some other configuration, it's normally possible for this to be accommodated. At S.W. James, we have taken great pride in creating our No.4 range, with its softer cushions and 'super sprung' exclusive seat base, we think we offer one of the most comfortable Chesterfields you will find.

Final thoughts

When you come to choose a sofa, a Chesterfield is a quality piece of furniture which will give decades of useful service if properly cared for. By taking the time now to really think through how your Chesterfield will be used, who will use it and what sort of living space it's going to be accommodated in, you stand the best chance of ending up with a wise choice that fits your requirements. At S.W. James, we love to talk about our Chesterfields, if you have any questions about which Chesterfield is correct for you, don't hesitate to contact Warren and the team and we will be happy to chat everything over with you.

We hoped you enjoyed the read.

Thanks, Jamie.