Why is Huxley so comfortable?

There is nothing quite like a beautiful Chesterfield sofa. S.W. James is famous for them and people love them. They love their elegance and their timeless look, but it's been our experience they don't fully trust them when it comes to comfort.

We created Huxley to break that stereotype. Huxley is comfy. He is very comfy.

How have we created this comfortable Chesterfield sofa?
We have combined the elegance of the Chesterfield sofa with the kind of comfort you would find in a high-end mattress. We think its the most comfortable Chesterfield you will sit in.

It's a bit of a closely guarded secret for obvious reasons, but here are a few of the details we can share.

S.W. James comfort blend - We have created our own S.W. James layered foam blend. Unique to S.W James we have worked hard and tested an endless combination of cushion variations and types to come up with the perfect blend. This combination offers the most comfortable Chesterfield you will sit in.

Secondly, much like a high-end mattress, we stuff Huxleys seat base with as many softly sprung springs as we can. Giving the most luxurious comfort in a Chesterfield sofa.

By combining the two qualities above, we have created a luxury Chesterfield like no other. No one else can offer this unique comfort in a Chesterfield.

Huxley is the result of this hard work.

We are so happy with him. We hope you will agree. You can now get upto £400 off Huxley. See him by clicking here

If you would like to learn more about how to spot a quality Chesterfield sofa and how they are made, please read out guide by clicking here

Thank you,

Jamie - Co-Founder & Creative Lead.