Is a chesterfield sofa comfortable?

With S.W. James …The Answer Is Yes

So, is a Chesterfield sofa comfortable? We thought you might like our humble opinion on the subject.

We get asked lots of questions by our customers, but we get asked this particular question a lot, so the team and I thought it would be an idea to put down our thoughts on a paper (so to speak).

 This is the typical statement we hear:

“I love the look of a Chesterfield sofa, but I’m not sure if they would be comfortable enough…”

We Designed Huxley, Our Chesterfield Made For Comfort

We created our Huxley with comfort in mind… With a ‘super sprung’ base created exclusively for Huxley, we have squeezed as many springs into the seat base as we can. This sumptuous union of our super sprung base and our most scrumptious, exclusive cushion offering creates, what we think is “The most comfortable Chesterfield in the world”. We think you’ll love it. 

We purposely designed our Chesterfield sofa range with the modern home in mind. Long gone are the days where the Chesterfield could only be found in the manor house and gentleman’s club. 

So, are Chesterfields comfortable. We can say with confidence, we have worked remarkably hard to make, what we feel, is the most comfortable Chesterfield range available. This is especially so for our Huxley. He is a true softie with a heart of pure gold. He is the most sizeable and by far the most comfortable sofa in our range. 

Whilst Huxley is our Chesterfield aimed at the modern home, rest assured all items in our range have been designed with comfort in mind.

comfortable Chesterfield

How have we done this…

1 – A softer, more luxurious leather than our competitors.

We have spent countless hours selecting the finest vintage and heritage leathers to cover our Chesterfields. Both are beautifully soft and supple from day 1, and only get better with time.

2 – Comfortable cushions.

We have worked closely with our cushion manufacturing team to create a unique cushion, exclusive to S.W. James, with an emphasis on 2 things – Comfort and Durability. Separately both are easy to achieve, together, it’s not been as easy, but we think we have accomplished it.

3 – We’ve not just focused on leather. 

We have selected beautiful wools and other fabrics to cover our Chesterfield chairs and sofas. Not everyone wants their Chesterfield to be covered in the traditional leather, as a result, we can cover our Chesterfields in any fabric you choose, such as wool, and velvet. We really love our fine Herringbone wool, sourced for Britains oldest woollen mill.

4 – Cushion exchange.

We do offer a cushion exchange if you feel they are not right for you. Just give me a call or email to discuss this further.

5 – 28-day comfort trial.

Finally, to really put your mind at ease and to allow you to try a beautiful new S.W. James Chesterfield in the comfort of your own home, we offer a 28 day trial period. In this time you can sit, pounder and decide for yourself if your Chesterfield is right for you. All we ask is if you want to return your Chesterfield you help us pay for the return shipment. We will then send your money back to you.


Warrens conclusion…
As I mentioned at the start of the article, we have learnt that comfort is very subjective and there are many ranges of sofas available. However, should you want a Chesterfield, we feel you are safe with us.

I live with two of our Chesterfields in my house (A No.3 in wool and a No.8 in Vintage brown leather). I do this so I can learn the individual traits of the sofas.

I have a young family and my two kids have bounced all over my Chesterfields throughout their childhoods. I also have 2 dogs, that love to jump all over the S.W. James’s we have in the house and both Chesterfields look great, and in my opinion, look better now than they did when they were put in place. As I like to say – An S.W. James is “Alive with character”.

I hope that helps a little. I am available to talk over any questions you might have. Just call or email me any time and we can have a chat.

Thank you for reading. Warren.