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wool created in the north of england by the experts

The friendly team at Abraham Moon & Son have been incredibly helpful guiding us in the direction of the very best wools to cover our Chesterfields. Moons are the wool experts and have been creating beautiful fabrics since 1837.

Together we picked out a beautiful, yet robust Herringbone wool range for the S.W. James collection. We think you will love the combination.

S.W. James Wools

the s.w james wool collection

When it came to selecting the wools to be included in the S.W. James range, we opted for only the finest Herringbone wool, sourced from one of the oldest wool mills in the UK. Herringbone is an attractive design that uses multiple colours. We have selected if for our range as it is a strong hard-wearing weave.

handmade chesterfield

S.W. James Wools

Why we love wool

We wanted to find an excellent robust and versatile, hard-working fabric that would accommodate a busy family lifestyle. As a family, we love smart furnishings but with our everyday life of muddy wellies and dirty dogs constantly walking through the house we needed a fabric to cover our chesterfields that could live with our needs. That fabric was wool, and so the love affair began.

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S.W. James Wools


The S.W. James Herringbone wool collection offers a desirable design option and set of colourways for our Chesterfield chair and sofa range. Each item in our range comes in beautiful Herringbone wool finishes.

Our brand new Chevron fabrics come in 4 contemporary gemstone inspired shades including Jade, Amethyst, Grey and Dark Grey. Introduce a subtle chic to your new Chesterfield with our Herringbone options.

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S.W. James Wools

Abraham Moon & Son – Since 1837

The team at S.W. James where kindly offered a tour of the factory and were taken through the steps it takes to create the Herringbone wool that will cover out Chesterfields. It was fascinating to see the full manufacturing process under one roof.

S.W. James Wools

a range of options

Whilst we have our carefully curated range of wools, we also stock hundreds of other options for wool, velvet and fabric. Don’t hesitate to call or email us if you would like a different cover on your new Chesterfield. We will be happy to help. You could even provide your own fabric should you choose. As long as its suitable for our Chesterfields, we’ll be glad to use it.