Perfectly crafted chesterfields built in the UK

S.W. James Leathers

an introduction to the most beautiful leather in the world

Selecting the perfect leather ranges to represent S.W. James has been a labour of love. We have spent countless hours perfecting our choices.

Our heritage range leather

S.W. James Leathers

the s.w. james leather collection

When it came to selecting the leathers to be included in the S.W. James range, we opted for only the finest grade leather, sourced from Italian tanneries. Our natural, cow hide leathers offer a beutifully soft feel. During the production process oils and waxes are applied, allowing our leathers to achieve a vintage character with age. An S.W. James is a cut above the rest and only gets better with time.

Rustic look leathers

S.W. James Leathers

Our Vintage Leather Range

When tightly pulled over the contours of the Chesterfield natural shades and highlights are created in the leathers surface, creating a warm, ‘lived-in’, vintage Chesterfield look. With its subtly distressed surface and soft waxy feel, the vintage leather achieves additional character over time, allowing the natural beauty of the hides to mature with age.

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Heritage red leather

S.W. James Leathers

Our Heritage Leather Range

Our Heritage range represents the softest and most luxurious leather we can offer.

This waxed and polished finish brings out an elegant and refined touch to any Chesterfield sofa or chair it covered. Bringing out the natural beauty of the thoughtfully selected hides.

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antique brown leather chesterfield

S.W. James Leathers

Our Antique Leather Range

After the Chesterfield has been upholstered by the team, a top coat of darker colour can be carefully polished in selected areas to expose the lighter colour beneath. This subtle contrast in colouring, where normal wear and tear would appear, achieves a beautifully aged, antique quality

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A Personal Service

a range of options

Whilst we have our carefully curated range of Vintage, Antique and Heritage leathers, we also stock hundreds of other leathers and colour ranges. Don’t hesitate to call or email us if you would like a different leather on your new Chesterfield. We will be happy to help. You could even provide your own leather should you choose. As long as its suitable for our Chesterfields, we’ll be glad to use it.