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Every leather and fabric selected for the S.W. James collection has been hand-picked by the team. Choosing the perfect leather and fabric ranges to represent S.W. James has been a true labour of love.

To understand why our S.W. James leathers and fabrics are so beautiful you really need to experience them. You need to see and touch them for yourself. You also need to see the colours of the leathers and fabrics for yourself, to get a accurate feel for how the will look and how they will fit into your room.

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Vintage Leathers

Our vintage leather is a rustic, natural, full grain leather with a subtly distressed surface. This finish gives a rugged touch to any Chesterfield covered. Bringing out the natural beauty of the thoughtfully selected hides.

Dark Brown

Heritage Leathers

This, beautiful leather is our very finest leather. It is distinctive due to the fact the carefully selected hides are in their most natural state. These natural features add individuality and personality to the finished chesterfield.

Red Wood
Midnight Blue

Antique Leathers

The S.W. James antique leather is a fine, but incredibly resilient leather. It can be found on all our traditional antique look chesterfields in four bold and moody shades that lend a real character to the piece they adorn.

Herringbone Wools

A more modern and contemporary twist on the classic chesterfield look - our British sourced wools are of the finest quality and provide the perfect blend of comfort, longevity and style that help bring a new angle to our sofas and chairs.

Dark Grey

Coming soon...

We currently dont have any products upholstered in velvet - but they're on their way! If you cant wait and would like to order your sofa in velvet please get in touch and we'll see what we can do.

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Try our free swatches to experience first hand the quality of our upholstery


S.W. James & Co. - Founder

If you are considering an S.W. James, I feel picking a selection of swatches is the best place to get started. You can experience first hand the quality of our upholstery. If you have any questions, call me on 0161 359 5462 or click here to email me.

Why order swatches?

Touch & Feel

To truly understand how inviting our leathers and fabrics are, let your senses explore the textures for themselves.


To get an accurate sense of our colour range, you need to experience them first hand. (We have been as precise as we can to represent accurate colour on our website, but it's always best to see colours for yourself.)

Wear, Tear & Characteristics

Touch them, scratch them, spill on them. Try out the resilience of our fabrics and leathers for yourself to judge if they right for you.