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Perfectly crafted chesterfields built in the UK

Returning your S.W. James to us


It is very important to both the creative and production teams at S.W. James that you trust our expert craftsmanship and take it as a given. We know buying a luxury item such as one of our Chesterfields online can be somewhat daunting if trust isn’t there.

We cannot emphasise how much care and attention goes into each S.W. James created. Each item we build is unique and is individually handcrafted by a senior production team who have been handcrafting Chesterfield sofas for over 40 years. Owning an S.W. James Chesterfield of your own is unlike anything else.

From the moment you choose an S.W. James, you will be treated as a member of the S.W. James family. Warren and the team will keep you up to date as your personal S.W. James is handmade. Towards completion, we will plan in a free, white glove delivery, so you won’t need to lift a finger on the day your new S.W. James arrives. Once it’s nestled into your home, we will make sure you are fully happy with it.

1 – On the day of delivery

Our Chesterfields are delicately packed and wrapped in our warehouse before shipping. No damage should come to our items during shipment, however, if the worst happens just let us know.

On the day your Chesterfield is delivered to you, it’s important to examine your sofa or chair for any signs of damage that may have been caused in transit.
If you spot anything, make a note (and take a photograph if possible) and report this to the delivery team.

If the damage is only small, i.e a nic or a scratch we can normally fix this by sending out a member of our upholstery team to your home. As a result, you may choose to take delivery or the item for convenience.

If the Chesterfield is seriously damaged, please do not except it and let the delivery team know. Contact the team at S.W. James. We will take back a damaged Chesterfield immediately, free of charge. See our Terms & Conditions for more details or just call the team.

2 – After 28 days

We couldn’t imagine why, but if you don’t love your new S.W. James as much as we do, you can always return it within 28 days.
If you are not happy with your S.W. James for any reason we’ll arrange a collection for you and it will be booked in within 10 working days.

Once the furniture is back with us, we will fully inspect it for damage. We will then prepare a refund.

It is important to know we will not be able to refund the order in full if there are any signs of damage or misuse. Its essential for you to ensure that the furniture is returned to us in the same condition in which it was accepted on the day of delivery.

Returning your S.W. James to us

Owning an S.W. James of your own is unlike anything else

We want you to put your mind at ease and let you know our Chesterfields and leather sofas are built in a time-honoured fashion. Unlike modern day furniture and Chesterfields, made by lesser brands, our Chesterfields are built to last. Each S.W. James starts out life on a solid, kiln-dried oak frame. You can tell an S.W. James Chesterfield by its weight and strength alone. If you would like to learn a bit more about how our furniture is meticulously handmade by our team of seasons experts before you choose one for yourself, click here.

Along with our promise of tailored, handmade quality, we also offer a number of return options highlighted above to put your mind at ease if you really don’t like your new S.W. James when it arrives. We will understand and you can return it no questions asked.