S.W. James Chesterfield Sofas

Distinctive and Modern chesterfield sofas

A range of chesterfield sofas with more modern upholsteries and contemporary lines and appearance. Our modern collection ensures the perfect match for those with cutting edge decor.

Black Heritage Leather

Our No.2 comes available in our stunningly soft black heritage leather - this is the finest leather we offer. Carefully selected hides offer an upholstery in its most natural of states, showing off natural markings that add character and personality to our moder modern styled chesterfields.

Modern Honey

Available in our gorgeously rich vintage honey leather, the No.2's bold chunky lines takes on a warm welcoming glow. Subtly distressed to help bring out a medley of hues and tones, our vintage honey leather encases the no.2's deep frame to help create a dramatic modern style statement.

Sweeping Vintage Blacks

Already a firm favourite, our No.3 takes on an incredibly modern and sophisticated appearance when finished in one of our vintage leathers - but particularly so in black. Subtly distressed it adds a wave of tones across the sofa whilst at the same time adding a touch of the rugged to the No.3s sleek curvy lines.

Modern wools

Not the typical finish on a chesterfield, but our selection of herringbone wools in a range of gem inspired shades really add a touch of the contemporary to our chesterfields. Striking in appearance, soft and durable, these fine knit wools create a totally different aesthetic to the expected - perfect for modern day living.

Twilight Shades

Our softest heritage leather meets an all new colour - Midnight blue. A touch lighter in appearance to black, our selection of blue soft leather chesterfields compliment the modern decor of a home perfectly. When mixed with our spacious, sleek and modern no.4 this sofa will make the perfect addition to you living space.

Vintage Comfort

Our over sized but sumptuously comfortable No.4 melds with our finest black vintage leather to create a strikingly modern chesterfield. Envelope yourself in true comfort with the finest foams, feathers and springs working in harmony with our luxuriously soft and distressed atmospheric black vintage leather.

Gem Shades

Not limited to our No.3, our no.4 is also available in our range of fine herringbone wools. The strong sturdy presence of the no.4 is toned back with the application of softer, welcoming gem stone shades, whilst the fine weave detailing of the wool can be felt and seen as it wraps you in true comfort.

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Compact Vintage

Our No.5 offers sleek modern lines in a compact unit that is perfect for the smaller modern home. Finished in our light brown vintage leather here, the No.5 oozes charm and quality as its caramel shades provide the perfect focal point to your living space or snug.

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Our modern chesterfield collection has been inspired by the classical design. All come complete with the typical hard backed, deep buttoned diamond format but tweak up the design in various ways by either removing the typical brass pinning, adding more modern piping, or changing the dimensions and shape of the arms. This selection is upholstered in more modern look and feel leathers vs the antique style finish found on a typical chesterfield.