S.W. James Chesterfield Sofas

large 4 seater chesterfield sofas

When enough is never enough - our large 4 seater chesterfield sofas offer the largest of seating options. Perfect for large families or those with a larger living space to fill, our 4 seaters provide ample space for everyone. Please be sure to measure up carefully - these items are very large.

Chunky Large Chesterfield

Our generously proportioned No.2 offers masses of space in its large 4 seater format. Set apart by its wide single buttoned border, hand tapped pins and piping, and deep tight buttoned back and arms, its our finest modern take on the classic chesterfield format.

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Large scale comfort

Larger diamond back buttoning, no front border, no brass pinning and stocky solid wood legs set the stage for our modern No.4 chesterfield. It's the most comfortable chesterfield we make, utilising the finest, softest leathers and wools, deep filled feather and foam cushions, and a real sprung base. Perfect for larger homes and large families.

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A selection of our largest chesterfields, these sofas will seat 4 persons comfortably. Deep sitting position and densely filled cushioning provide comfort and support, whilst our solid wood frames ensure years of use without fatigue. Ideal for the larger home, office or reception area, our large 4 seaters create a real focal point with their fine upholstery and hand built qualities.