S.W. James Chesterfield Sofas

Small 2 seater chesterfield sofas from S.W. James

More compact than its equivalent 3 seater, our 2 seater chesterfield sofas still offer ample space for 2 persons without the need to rub shoulders and touch knees. Well adept for the smaller living space our small 2 seater sofas are ever popular


The timeless chesterfield design meets S.W. James' exacting standard. Available in 2 seater format it provides the perfect focal point.

Chunky 2 seater

Single button border and increased proportions give this 2 seater a unique more modern twist on the classic chesterfield format. The subtle soft brown shades of the vintage leathers work particularly well on our No.2

Eye Catching

Our truly unique No.3 in its cozy small 2 seater format is ideal for small families or smaller living spaces. Available in wool and leather.

Exquisite Comfort

Our most comfortable 2 seater - The No.4. Deep, immersive feather and foam cushions, sprung base, and soft luxurious leathers and wools raise the bar for what a chesterfield should be.

The Apartment Chesterfield

Specially designed to be a more compact take on our No.2 to fit better in the smaller home or tight spaces. Adorned in our stunning vintage leathers the No.5 is the perfect fit in every regard.

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British made compact 2 seater chesterfields using only the finest upholsteries and the best quality foam and feather cushions. From authentic chesterfield designs to more modern takes, the S.W. James range of small chesterfields has something to suit no matter what your taste or decor.