S.W. James Chesterfield Sofas

Deep earthly brown shades. chesterfield sofas exclusive to S.W. James

A selection of rich browns and lighter caramel toned chesterfield sofas in a mix of leather types, provide warmth and sophistication to any room.

Warm Brown Shades

Our No.2 takes the basis of the No.1, applies our natural vintage leathers, updates the bottom border to a single buttoned row, and increases the proportions to offer a more modern alternative to the original. Perfect for any home, our soft vintage brown shades offer subtle highlighting, incredible comfort and when melded with the No.2s solid frame create the perfect focal point.

Captivating And Welcoming

Unique amongst its peers, our No.3 is the only sofa we offer with wide flared arms. Perfect for leaning into, this design creates a stand out piece that grabs your immediate attention from the get-go. Finished in 1 of our 3 beautiful shades of brown, our vintage leather is full of life, character and warmth that adds an extra layer of character to an already elegant, striking piece of furniture.

Lived In Look

Our No.4 is made with comfort in mind from the get go. A real sprung base, super deep and comfortable feather and foam cushioning, and larger proportions all aid in providing the most sumptuous of seats. Wrapped in one of our brown vintage leathers, the No.4 oozes charm and warmth as the lived in look aesthetic of the leather shows off scars, folds and wrinkles that serves up a real story of its origins.

Darker Browns

Our No.4 comes alive in our dark brown vintage leather. Slightly distressed, the leather rolls around this over sized frame capturing the light and casting subtle shadows across the surface. Characterful and comfortable, our dark brown No.4 is worthy of your time.

Small Stance Design

Only available in our vintage range of leathers, our No.5 is our smaller 'apartment chesterfield'. Solid deep buttoned base (no seat cushions) gives a firm sitting position, but the visual design of the sofa is completely transformed with a mass of precision placed deep buttoning throughout the entire inner seating area. Shallower and thinner than our other chesterfields the No.5 is able to fit snuggly into any corner or small space.

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Wool or Vintage Leather? Dark Brown or Honey?

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Our range of vintage leather chesterfield sofas have proved ever popular. Available in a range of soft brown shades and black, our vintage leather offers a lived in look from day 1 with its subtle distressed appearance, and only gains additional character over time as the hide matures.