We love our wingback chair collection

chesterfield wingback chair

A journal post from Jamie to explain why he loves our Chesterfield wingback chair collection.

Posted: 14 Jun 2018
chesterfield wingback chair


At S.W. James, we love our Chesterfield wingback chair collection.

If you are in search of a welcoming spot to while away a few peaceful hours on your own, our wingback chairs are the perfect companion. One of our lovely chairs will provide the perfect sanctuary for a bit of indulgent ‘you’ time.

As I am writing this, we have two S.W. James wing chairs in our home. They sit proudly at opposite ends of our dining table. Lucky guest who are canny enough to edge towards the table first get their choice of a No.7 wingback in Heritage red, or a No.8 in vintage light brown. The rest of us, (the tardy guests), look on enviously until a chance arises to jump in and steal a seat later in the evening, once the drinks begin to flow.

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wing back chair

Out of the two, the No.8 comes in as the popular party choice, but my personal favourite is the No.7 Chesterfield wingback chair in Heritage leather. It is truly beautiful, and it is where I am currently sat, writing this journal post. …Our Golden retriever, Bernie also has a soft spot for it. See image opposite.

Our No.7 is based on the classic Queen Anne wing chair design and we think you will love it. It is a timeless piece that has been impeccably tailored by the S.W. James team in a selection of hand-picked, dark and smoky leathers. Alternatively, should you prefer it comes in fine Yorkshire Herringbone Wool. Handpicked from one of the country’s oldest woollen mills.

The No.8 Chesterfield wingback is a favourite amongst our customers and is exclusive to S.W. James. Its body-hugging, chunky frame offers an ultimate cradle of comfort. Combined with the smokey vintage dark brown leather we have selected to wrap it in, it’s a true place to kick back and relax on your own for a while.

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The No.8 Chesterfield chair cushions are filled with luxurious soft foam, that is encased in sumptuous duck feathers. Giving a plump and well ‘lived in’ look to the cushions.

This leather wingback chair is as friendly and welcoming as an old friend, and perfect to have around an open fire hearth.

Finally, we have our No.9 tub chair. This concludes the current curated range of S.W. James chairs and wing backs. This peice is deceiving, as it looks smaller, but is as deep and comfortable as our wingbacks and Chesterfield wing chairs.

I hope you find this journal post interesting and helpful if you are looking to add a wingback chair to your collection.

Thanks, Jamie.

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