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Perfectly crafted chesterfields built in the UK

A perfect sit and a perfect sleep.

a chesterfield sofa bed

With minimal fuss our S.W. James Chesterfield sofa bed can easily be folded flat to make a cosy bed, that will give your guests a tranquil nights sleep.

They bridge the gap between flexibility and timeless Chesterfield design. Our range of sofa beds provide the perfect compromise for the modern home. If you’d like one of our Chesterfield sofas, but like the idea of a sofa bed too. We can create a beautiful Chesterfield sofa bed for you with a memory foam, or standard mattress.

Available on our S.W.James No.1,No.2 and No.3 sofa models you’ve got 3 very different sofa bed options available at your finger tips. Each is available on our 2,3 and 4 seat options so all you need to focus on is the sofa style and upholstery that suits you.

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handmade chesterfield sofabeds by S.W. James

Sleep tight

Comfortable and durable

Our sofa bed mechanisms are covered in a strong polypropylene canvas that is attached via springs on both sides to provide a great nights sleep no matter how you lay. Topped with a 60mm memory foam mattress for comfort, there are no hard slats or rigid metal nets pushing up through the mattress – ensuring you drift to sleep effortlessly.

Exquisite comfort, style and functionality with our Chesterfield sofabeds

Quick access

Ready in a jiffy

Our sofa beds are deployed with the minimum of fuss using a 3 fold mechanism – simply remove the sofa cushions and pull forward and up. Our sturdy steel frame glides out easily and quickly so you can be ready for bed at a moments notice.

Full width steel legs provide the beds support and also come with finger protection for when folding away so you get no nasty surprises.

handmade chesterfields with sofabed function

Like a glove

Perfect fit on any sofa

All our sofa bed mattresses are 1800mm (1.8 meter) long and available in widths from 620mm to 1520mm – The size of which will be determined by the seating arrangement and sofa style you select.

Take a look at the seat dimensions for your selected sofa, then deduct ~300mm from that width for the mattress width of the bed itself. If you need more precise measurements please get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

Exquisite comfort, style and functionality with our Chesterfield sofabeds

Like no other

Snooze wrapped in iconic style

Available in a choice of 3 styles there’s no compromise to be made when it comes to choosing a Chesterfield Sofa bed.

  • Our No.1 provides that true British Chesterfield look for those looking for that genuine iconic style.
  • Our No.2 provides a more modern take on the classic Chesterfield with a deeper sit for extra comfort day to day.
  • Our No.3 provides an eye catch design with its wide rolled arms and is available in a more contemporary wool look.

To configure your sofa bed simply select and configure one of our Chesterfields and select the sofabed option during the configuration stage.

Fussy sleeper

a sofa bed tailored to your taste

At S.W. James, we have a large selection of Chesterfield sofa beds and bed settees. Perhaps you want a smaller vintage leather Chesterfield sofa bed for your living room. Or maybe you want to accommodate your guests in style with a larger, fabric or wool Chesterfield sofa bed. We can create sofa beds to suit any room in your house. Just contact Warren and the team, and we can talk over any type or size of sofa bed you like.

Our sofa beds can be created in a range of configurations, such as two-seaters, three seaters or four-seaters. As with all our Chesterfield sofas, each sofa bed is handmade to your precise order specifications, by the team at S.W. James. The sofa bed option can be selected from our configuration options on the website when you buy your new Chesterfield sofa. Simply choose the sofa bed option as you are buying your new sofa via the website.

Maybe you have something a little different in mind that is not offered directly on our website. Feel free to use our Tailor Made at S.W James© service. We can work to your precise requirements and create excatly what you need.

Talk to the team at S.W. James

The S.W. James Team

we’re here to help

We know ordering your own handmade Chesterfield or vintage sofa is a very personal decision and we know you will have questions before you decide to choose an S.W. James of your own. We are here to help, and we work closely with you throughout every step of the production process to ensure you are 100% happy with your new S.W. James when it arrives in your home.

We’re a passionate team and we love to talk about our Chesterfields and vintage sofas. As a result, if you have questions before you order, or at any point during production, just ask. You will always talk directly with Warren and the other business founders.

Call the team today for a friendly chat on

+44 (0)161 359 5462

Or email Warren and the team by clicking here : warren@swjames.com.

Our office hours are Mon- Fri 9am to 6pm, Saturdays 10am to 6pm, Sundays 10am to 4pm. Feel free to call any time. If the office is closed just leave a short message and we will call you back as soon as possible. Alternatively email us any time you like.