Perfectly crafted chesterfields built in the UK

Comfort & Luxury are Key

creating a truly comfortable chesterfield

At S.W. James, infusing luxury and comfort into our Chesterfields has been one of our most important goals.

We feel every item we create needs to be the most comfortable Chesterfield sofa we can make.

From the choice of leathers, wools and velvets we cover our Chesterfield sofa and chairs in, to our scrumptious seating offering, which includes; our own signature comfort cushion mix, unique to S.W. James, and our feather filled cushions. We pride ourselves on creating the most comfortable Chesterfield we can.

Chesterfields built for comfort

Comfort & Luxury are Key

comfort is a personal choice

We have learnt that comfort is subjective and personal. Some people prefer cushion fillings that offer a firmer sit, some a gorgeous cushion they can just sink into. We like to think we have all options covered.

We have devised three levels of comfort to choose from. These being; our S.W. James “Signature Comfort Cushion” offered as standard. Our “Sumptuous” feather filled cushion and our “Firm” cushion, that offers more support and pressure relief if needed. By giving you the option, we hope we can cover all personal comfort needs in our Chesterfields.

S.W. James Signature Comfort Blend

Comfort & Luxury are Key

The S.W. James Signature Comfort Blend

At S.W. James we have worked closely with our cushion manufacturing team to create a completely unique cushion with an emphasis on 2 things – Comfort and Durability. Separately both are easy to achieve, together, it’s not been as easy, but we think we have accomplished it.

Our new S.W. James cushion blend offers deep comfort and pressure relief with a resilient core that adds long-lasting durability. The cushion will never need “plumping” and will not need changing throughout the lifetime of your Chesterfield.

Comfort and Luxury in your Chesterfield sofa

Comfort & Luxury are Key

A softer sit

Our ‘sumptuous’ feather wrapped foam cushions consist of wonderfully soft foam surrounded by a beautiful feather wrapping. Creating a warm ‘lived-in’, relaxed look from day one. They are also beautifully comfortable and add that extra level of luxury to your S.W. James.

This sumptuous option is a favourite at S.W. James and the choice we selected for the most comfortable sofa and chair in our range.
If you would like to add this as an upgrade to any other sofa in our range, that’s fine, just call or email Warren and the team to discuss.

Feather wrapped foam cushioning

Comfort & Luxury are Key

A firmer sit

A firmer foam cushion structure is used to create our ‘firm’ S.W. James cushion. Whilst a firmer sit is guaranteed, this is not to be confused with an uncomfortable seat in any way.
This cushion density is used across a wide range of home furniture. This cushion holds the shape of the leather perfectly, and the cushion bounces back after every sit, to stretch the leather or fabric back to its original shape, with no slouch. The cushion will also hold its shape for the lifetime of the Chesterfield.

If a firmer cushion is what you need, this is the correct choice for you.

Comfort & Luxury are Key

working with the best teams

We work with two family-run businesses to provide cushions for our Chesterfields. One right here in greater Manchester and one based in Scotland. Both companies have excellent reputations and have been creating and supplying bespoke upholstery cushions for generations.

Comfort & Luxury are Key

luxurious leather, feather & foam blend from s.w. james

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The S.W. James Team

we’re here to help

We know ordering your own handmade Chesterfield or vintage sofa is a very personal decision and we know you will have questions before you decide to choose an S.W. James of your own. We are here to help, and we work closely with you throughout every step of the production process to ensure you are 100% happy with your new S.W. James when it arrives in your home.

We’re a passionate team and we love to talk about our Chesterfields and vintage sofas. As a result, if you have questions before you order, or at any point during production, just ask. You will always talk directly with Warren and the other business founders.

Call the team today for a friendly chat on

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Our office hours are Mon- Fri 9am to 6pm, Saturdays 10am to 6pm, Sundays 10am to 4pm. Feel free to call any time. If the office is closed just leave a short message and we will call you back as soon as possible. Alternatively email us any time you like.